The Winter Suite

The Winter Suite

I shared in a previous post about my love of curating playlists, about how I hear, process and associate sounds and introduced my first season-themed playlist, Fade To Fall.  One of my favorite things to do is create soundtracks that underscore and accompany the days and moments of our lives. I love how a particular song can instantly capture what you see and feel, shaping an experience and drawing you deeper into a story.

Continuing on the theme of season-themed soundtracks, my newest playlist, The Winter Suite, embodies the essence, spirit, sounds, emotions and colors of winter, carrying you deep into the narrative of the season.  It is the sound of winter. ctt-tbird

In selecting songs for a winter playlist, I wanted it to sound and feel like everything associated with ‘winter’. It needed to sound and feel like…

gloved hands and cold noses

cinnamon and vanilla

bleak and brooding

jazz on vinyl and static electricity

long pauses and slowed paces

gingerbread and peppermint

the crunch of frozen earth beneath your feet

snowflakes and Narnia

minor chords and frosted windows

chilled lungs and warm mugs

paused hope and hot chocolate

sparse and bitter

warm blankets and homemade soup

icicles and acoustic scratch

firewood and snow angels

ringing bells and long naps

I’ve compiled and sequenced about 130 songs that I believe somehow capture the essence of “winter” and interpret it musically. In some instances it is a sound or style, in others its a lyric or production, while in others its simply the mood or tone, but in some way, these songs weave and melt together and sound like winter.  I’ve spent a lot of time with it and I think it will make a great soundtrack to your cold, winter days or anytime you need a good chillout. ctt-tbird

If you have a song you think I should consider adding, let me know in the comments below!

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