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Today I have the honor of contributing a guest post to Jenni Catron’s blog.  Jenni and I go back nearly a decade to our music industry days and now work together at Cross Point. Jenni is doing a series on her blog this week called “GIVE!” where she has asked a few guest bloggers to GIVE their stories, sharing how they were impacted in a unique way by giving.

Something occurred in my story in August of this year that I have not yet blogged or spoken about publicly, and I was unsure of the proper timing and context to do so.  I think I kept it just long enough and am now ready to tell this part of my story that I haven’t told before now, in the context of other voices testifying to the power of giving.

Thank you, Jenni, for the opportunity to share my story and for inspiring others to GIVE in unique ways this Christmas season.

It was Sunday, August 29, 2010.  I had 37 cents in my bank account and had just used my rent money to make an 11th hour car payment to, for the third time this year, prevent the repossession of my car. (excerpt from The Gift Of Community)

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