My Guest Post for “Man Week” at The Rain

Today I am guest-posting over at Rainmakers & Stormchasers. I was so honored when Jenny asked me to participate in her Man Week blog series.  Honestly, it still amazes me that people are actually interested in what I have to say on any level.  Sharing my journey in a public forum like my blog has been very healing for me personally. Then for my story to be resonating and finding an audience with so many people who I’ve never met is incredibly humbling.

When it came time to write my guest post for Jenny, I’ve got to be honest, I once again found myself in a “middle” season where I’m living and walking out what I know will be my next series of blogs. As such, I have had a terrible time trying to write about what’s happening right now. So instead of forcing it, I decided to share with you a post I wrote a couple months ago, which adequately describes the stripping process of God in my life, the transformation progression and also pretty much frames where I find myself at this very moment. The words aren’t new, but the message is still fresh and speaks to me every time I read it. I hope you are encouraged and challenged by this piece of my journey.

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Grant JenkinsMy Guest Post for “Man Week” at The Rain
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