I love this song by Jónsi. It inspires me.

I see the walls, then see them fall
You break through them all
I see you crawl, now you stand tall
Grow and grow till tall
There’s songs, sounds you bring to us
You pin both the wings on us
I hear, I see you sing for us
You go tie a string around us

What inspires you?

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His Girl
His Girl

Today Wes King's song "Life is Precious" is running through my mind. That song is timeless. I get inspired by photographer's like Promise Tangeman Wurzell or Jeremy Cowart. Artists like Randy Elrod and musicians like Ryan Axtell. Ryan's CD was written when his first child was still born. His faith and in our savior is so beautiful. I get inspired by the life stories of people like Kate McRae and her parents Holly and Aaron. North Metro Church had a spontaneous baptism on sunday. Hundreds came forward to be baptized. Father's baptized son's, son's baptized father's, husbands and wives. I wept as I watched the video. Life is precious, life is sweet. Life inspires me.
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