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My friend Lindsey Nobles is in the middle of a series on her blog called “How He Loves”, inspired by John Mark McMillan‘s epic worship song of the same name.  She asked several folks to write around the central topic of how we are each beautifully, uniquely and often messily (if that’s even a word) loved and pursued by God.

Lindsey invited me to contribute and I’m honored to have the opportunity to add my voice to those of Tam Hodge, Sarah Markley, Justin Davis, Bianca Juarez, Trisha Davis and Alece Ronzino in discussing our various takes on the passionate, incomprehensible and irrepressible love God has for us.

For my guest post on Lindsey’s blog, titled “He Is Jealous For Me”, I decided to drill down a little deeper into my personal story than I have before publicly.  I first had the opportunity to really share my story on Justin & Tricia’s blog a few months ago, and have since taken it a few steps further like here, here and here.

It is my belief that our stories are not just for ourselves, but also for those whose lives crash and bleed into ours in beautifully unexpected ways.  I hope that something I share from my own story will encourage, challenge and remind you of the God who relentlessly pursues your heart.

Thank you, Lindsey, for inviting me to be part of the great thing God is doing with your blog through this series.

“He sees the way your heart flutters when it catches the gaze of the latest would-be suitor who speaks eloquently of security and promises hope; and He sees you lying broken on the floor in a pool of disillusionment, as once again, disappointed, dejected and detached, you struggle to pry your heart away from another broken promise and unfulfilled dream that you foolishly tried to replace Him with.  He sees it all… and yet He waits… and loves in spite of your whorish heart’s attempts to attach hope to something it can see.” (excerpt from He Is Jealous For Me)

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Grant JenkinsHe Is Jealous For Me – Guest Post At
Kathy Fuller
Kathy Fuller

Great post. This is something I fight every. single. day. Thank you for putting it so eloquently.


i really appreciate your heart, grant.

Andie Wright
Andie Wright

Thank you for putting that out there, it was so well stated it moved me to tears. Unfortunately the kids are now done with breakfast and I have to go play as if my heart didn't just crack a little farther apart.