Guest Blog by Adam Smith a/k/a Jackalopekid

NOTE: Today I am introducing the first of what will be a recurring series of guest posts from folks in the blogosphere whose voices I respect and want to introduce you to.  The first guest blogger here at is Adam Smith a/k/a @Jackalopekid.  I love the way Adam communicates and hope you dig it as well.  Enjoy!

Hello, folks! My name is Adam Smith and I’m the author of I just moved from Atlanta, GA to Denver, CO about four months ago. The weather is colder here, the scenery is better and people laugh when I say words like “folks” or “y’all”.  It’s quite spectacular.

Well, you’re probably asking, “What is a jackalopekid?” Well, it’s a nickname I got growing up, and it just stuck. It’s crazy I know, and for that I apologize. You probably haven’t visited my blog yet for that one reason. Again, I apologize.

So now that we have that out of the way, I am truly honored and excited to write here on AnIdolHeart. Actually, this is the subject I want to write on. “An Idol Heart”.  The title alone speaks volumes to me. I actually just started reading this blog and immediately added it to the RSS feed after reading this, as should you. You see, when you read that post, I hope you feel the realness and substance that I did. I love that junk. You want to know why? It’s because everybody has a story. No matter what you’re going through or what you have been through in the past, someone else out there can relate.

Maybe you can relate to my story. I grew up in a Christian home and knew about God, but I didn’t KNOW God. Maybe you understand that… Well, I found Him as a teenager and never looked back after that moment. The one thing that held me back to giving my entire life to Jesus, that gave me an idol and complacent heart, was religion and pride. Those are two really dangerous things. I really didn’t realize they were there to tell you the truth.

If I had to say one thing that holds me back today, that would probably be fear. It’s a fear of what people think, a fear of the unknown and a fear of being the husband that God wants me to be. You can probably relate to my story now, huh? But again, this is real life stuff I deal with and maybe you do, too.

So I have a question for you today, new friends—  What is something that is holding you back?

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Grant JenkinsGuest Blog by Adam Smith a/k/a Jackalopekid

Well, i can't say much about God, but i can add this new site to my list. Awesome job. thanks


Fear of personal failure. Some failure can not be avoided and sometimes it's beneficial to fail, but for the most part i fail at things because i get overwhelmed or distracted and give up. i hate letting others down, so i rarely fail at pleasing others, where i fail the majority of the time is in taking care of me. i don't really fail at ministry, or work, or in friendships... i fail at taking care of my health, relationship choices, financial decisions, going to bed on time, painting my toe nails, getting to the grocery store & consequently being "forced" to eat out, messing w/ my IPhone too much, & basically wasting time. in the long run, this can & does effect others, but i have grown tired of holding back because i may not follow through and in turn once again failing myself. I decided to let go of some idealistic thinking & try again, this time with the mantra that no matter what happens i'm not giving up on me. So i am 3 months sober on this concept & have made some big changes... one day at a time folks... one day at a time;)

Kyle Reed
Kyle Reed

I think the thing that holds me back today is the idea of reality.
This idea that moving into a situation (like you did Adam in moving to CO from Georgia) I have to put myself out there. That is the tough thing for me. It is all good to talk about the future and what could be, but to actually do it is a whole other thing.

Reality holds me back