Greatest Hits Of 2010

2010 has been an unforgettable year, full of ups, downs and life-shaping moments at every turn.

I started this blog in March of this year just to start telling the story that was unfolding in my life, often on a daily basis. Many of the posts here have been painful, gut-wrenching… written in moments of both faith and fear… through hope, confusion and tears… they have unwittingly chronicled the unscripted metamorphosis of my heart.

By the grace of God, I can honestly say I am ending this year a very different person than when it began.  I am excited about what is being built on the new foundation in my life, and can’t wait to see what 2011 will bring!

With 2010 coming to a close, I’m counting down the top 5 most popular/commented posts this year on my blog over the next 5 days. Whether you’re discovering my blog for the first time, or a casual reader rediscovering posts you may have missed, I hope you connect with something you read over the next few days.

#5 My Story: The Next Chapter (post from September 9, 2010)
#4 Rebuild In Progress (post from April 27, 2010)
#3 Pastor Barbie & Pulpit Culture (post from April 13, 2010)
#2 Learning How To Die (post from April 22, 2010)
#1 What I Thought I Wanted, What I Got Instead (post from June 4, 2010)

Thank you all for your love, encouragement and support as I have walked out my story through the posts, comments and discussions here. Thank you for walking out the journey with me, for sharing the posts with others and for bravely adding your voices and sharing your stories here as well. We are better together.

Do you have a favorite post from any I’ve shared this year?


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Grant JenkinsGreatest Hits Of 2010
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Morgan MacGavin
Morgan MacGavin

It's interesting to read about the places you have been as I am coming out of those seasons, or entering them, or loitering a little longer than I'd like. Your story is inspiring and encouraging because I see where you are now. I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel if I can get out of my own way and let God do His work.

Happy New Year, Grant!!

Morgan MacGavin
Morgan MacGavin

Clearly I need to go back and read a LOT of your posts from my pre-CP days. Today blew my mind. I came in at the very end of the Shattered Dream series and while I know God was speaking directly to my heart, I don't know how much I could hear through my hurt. I think you appropriately said it...it is like learning to die. The vast majority of who I was isn't there anymore.

"God is writing a better story for me than I could ever write for myself… unexpected plot twists and all. I’m learning to embrace that story, and some days it is easier than others."
--Couldn't have said it better.

Morgan MacGavin
Morgan MacGavin

Wow, I don't think I ever read your "Rebuild In Progress" blog. I wasn't at CP then. This really struck me: "Want to change? Choose. Later today when doubt grips your heart, choose again. When you wake up tomorrow and feel alone, choose again. Tomorrow afternoon, when you are tempted to despair, choose again."

Needed to read that. Happy New Year, G! So glad you are in my life.

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Thanks, Morgan. That one was written in the heat of processing all that was happening. Lots of struggle. Lots of revelation. Glad the post spoke to you.


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