Got Hip-Hop?

Much like her sista in the struggle Diane Horner, Dena appears to have masterfully unlocked the mysteries of Hip-Hop dance and culture.

Soul Sista Dena’s Supa-Fly Hip-Hop Quotables:

“I think the first thing you need to know about Hip-Hop, is that its all about your posture.”
“I went to this club, right. And they had no baggy pants and no sneakers. That was wild. I didn’t know what to think about that.”
“People ask me all the time, ‘what are you gonna do when Hip-Hop goes out?’ Hip-Hop is an attitude. It’s right here [in my heart].”
“I do this at the end of every class. I hit here, then I hit here and I hit here. I’ll give ’em a BAH! Then I give ’em the “peace”, I’m out!”
“I’m into points a lot, but they’re not your average points.”
“This is me. This is how I am. This is a lifestyle. This is it.”

Dena. My sista. Home GIRL. Let me keep this supa-dupa 100 wit’chu…


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LOL this person is ahead of her time! Maybe in the future this wont look ridiculous to me.


oh...oh my...this is me...this is how I am...this is a lifestyle.

I just...#facepalm


oh my damn. there are so many shades of wrong (but funny) in this...


"i'm into points a lot but it's not your average points"-- wow... i'm considering a career change. makes me wonder if what i do is significant enough... i mean, why am i not teaching hiphop? missing out on destiny right there, lol;)
My recent post take off your Tom’s- for this is holy ground