Fits Of Bravery Soundtrack

Fits Of Bravery Soundtrack

I love a good mixtape. In my earlier years this took the form of actual cassette tapes, often made with songs directly from the radio. In those days, the biggest challenge was to see how much of the song you could get without the DJ talking over the intro. When CD burner technology went mainstream, I graduated to making custom mix CDs with concepts and custom-made artwork.  It was serious business.

Once iTunes hit the scene, I was all about playlists. The right songs, the right sequence, the right theme. I would obsess over consuming, curating and compiling complementary songs, sounds, beats and lyrical themes. I geek all the way out when it comes to creating playlists that are experiences.

I am also a big fan of film. I absolutely love when a film score or soundtrack perfectly captures and underscores what’s happening on the screen and it draws you all the way in, deep into the story. When what you hear somehow translates what you see into how you feel… those are masterful cinematic moments. Story-telling magic.

As I was thinking through the Fits Of Bravery theme, contemplating the story I was being invited into in my own life, I knew it HAD to have a playlist!  A custom mixtape of sorts, this wouldn’t be just any playlist. No, it would be a soundtrack for the journey; a collection of songs that told a story.

Every great story needs a great soundtrack. ctt-tbird

This is no exception. So as we step out on this new journey together, I want to introduce you to the official Fits Of Bravery Soundtrack! It is embedded below in this post and also in the sidebar to the right. I’ve used Spotify to compile songs from a variety of genres into what I believe is a perfect accompaniment for the adventure of a lifetime, the adventure of becoming. (If you have a Spotify account, you can listen and follow the playlist here.)

The 39-song track list is opened, closed and interspersed with several film score moments that introduce or complement the various “scenes”, creating a series of parenthetical mini-movements within the soundtrack that each progressively tell a story. You can play it on shuffle or skip around if you like, but if you play it in order, I want you to feel like you’re listening to a movie.  Welcome to how my brain works. (SIDEBAR: Need a music supervisor for a film? Yeah, call me about that. No, really.) From top to bottom, introduction to resolution, it is a journey. It is the sound of courage.ctt-tbird

Over the coming weeks and months I’ll be sharing more about why certain songs fit so perfectly on the Fits Of Bravery soundtrack and what part of the story they tell. Through lyrics and melodies, each of these songs speak to, call out and otherwise spur on my own personal fits of bravery in one way or another. Together, they tell a story… of hope, courage and redemption. They tell my story.ctt-tbird

As I continue to embrace my fits of bravery, this has become my own personal soundtrack, taking me deeper into my own story. I hope it will become yours, helping you embrace and go deeper into your own.

To the dreamers… the diamonds… the difference makers… press play.ctt-tbird

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