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Fade To Fall

As I’ve mentioned before, I love curating and creating playlists… themed soundtracks to underscore and accompany the moments and days of our lives. I love how a particular song can instantly capture what you see and feel, drawing you deeper into a story. As I’ve created different types of playlists, there’s a certain method to my madness that reflects how I hear and consume all types of music.

When I hear music, I tend to associate certain sounds, moods or songs with colors and ultimately emotions. Whether it’s the use of a particular instrument,  tempo, harmony or vocal arrangement, when I hear a sound, I usually see a color. Likewise, I tend to associate certain colors with certain seasons.

For example:

  • Spring is light blues, greens and pinks
  • Summer is reds and yellows
  • Fall is deep yellows, oranges and browns
  • Winter is deep blues and purples

So, as I associate sounds with colors, and seasons with colors, I also associate certain sounds with seasons. It’s all one big fantastical circle of life. With all that in mind, I wanted to create season-specific playlists; themed soundtracks that embody the spirit, sounds and colors of a season, and scores that take you deeper into the narrative of a season.

Whether proverbially in the seasons of life or displayed in the actual changing of seasons in nature, I believe every season has a sound. Therefore, every season needs a soundtrack that captures it’s essence.

Every season has a sound. ctt-tbird

First up is my fall playlist, titled Fade To Fall.

In selecting songs for a fall playlist, I wanted it to sound like everything you think about when you think of ‘fall’. I wanted it to feel like fall when you hear it. When I think of fall, I think of…

bonfires and acoustic guitars

apple cider and falling leaves

muted trumpets and toasted marshmallows

foggy mornings and lo-fi analog hum

apple cinnamon and scarves

hoodies and pumpkin spice lattes

s’mores and cellos

slowed paces and bowls of chili

hayrides and harmonicas

My goal was to somehow capture these things and interpret them musically in a way that would sound and feel like all those things.  So I’ve compiled around 140-ish songs that I think really embody the spirit of the fall season. In some cases it’s a sound or style, in others it’s the production or a lyric, but in some way, these songs weave and melt together and sound like fall.  I’ve already spent a lot of time with it and I think it will make a great soundtrack to all your autumn adventures! ctt-tbird

If you have a song you think I should consider adding, let me know in the comments below!

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